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Keeping school holiday boredom at bay

It's that time of year again: school holidays. While having the littlies at home means a reprieve from music classes, school drop-offs, and footy games, many parents find that these are replaced by an incessant schedule of budget-breaking...

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Your Kids - The Poets And Writers Of Tomorrow

I believe that reading and writing are the two most important things our children can learn these days; and both complement each other. Once in school these skills will play a major role in acquiring knowledge and improving grades. Therefore it...

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Tips on decorating your child's nursery

The baby is on its way, and it’s time to prepare a room for the new arrival. Nurseries should be functional and provide a soothing environment for sleep, diaper changes and play. You also want...

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Planning a Road Trip with Kids

Like many other parents, this year I’ll be going on a long road trip with my kids during spring break. Of course, a trip across the country can be quite a challenge when kids are involved. The younger they are, the more preparations you need to...

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Planning a Successful Birthday Party

Planning a successful birthday party seems like quite a task, but in fact, it is not that difficult!


Your child knows best who to invite to their birthday party; but if you don’t know all their...

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How to prepare for your kid's first day at school

It’s your child’s first day of school – but are you ready?! Here are a few thing you want to keep in mind when preparing to send your new student off to school for the first time.

One to two weeks before school...

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Naming Babies

Naming babies is a very important step when you become a parent.

Why is it so important? What are some considerations when coming up with a name?

Here are a few things you want to keep in mind:

A name lasts a life...

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Teach the ABCs from the time they are a baby

You have Toddlers at home, and you might have noticed that they are very interested in colors, shapes and their name, for the most part. Toddler-hood is indeed the age at which they learn more than any time thereafter, in preparation for their...

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How to choose the best Christmas gifts for kids

Christmas - it's most people's favourite time of the year. With the holidays come Santa, extended family and presents. And then the trouble begins.

You have to buy presents for everyone, and you just keep wondering what to get for...

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