About Us

Geek + Cute = YAY. The extremely very true story of tinyme.

Once upon a time, 3 young dads (who collectively have 15 little kids) combined a whole bunch of geeky high tech machines, some generous dollops of cuteness, a slightly loopy team of people and mixed them together with the world wide webby thingy. The result was amazing.... a comprehensive range of affordable, premium quality, designer personalised products for kids. All custom made and shipped to you in a jiffy.

Chapter 1: The spare bedroom and a happy customer.

Many years ago (well in late 2006) a happy couple, lets call them Mike and Rach (because that's actually their real names) set out on a little adventure selling really cute personalised children's products on a shiny new website which they named mooo (.com.au), now known as Tinyme. At that stage the business was run from a spare bedroom, which actually wasn't that spare because baby number 2 had arrived and the room was really quite small. There was lots to do, but fortunately Mike had a friend called Nick, and as the orders started flowing in, Nick helped to get them made and flowing back out. People started getting their orders and liked what they got. They started telling their friends and their friends started ordering too. "This is great" thought Mike, "too many orders to handle. What a great problem! But what should I do? Maybe Nick could help out some more?

Chapter 2: Another spare bedroom and more happy customers.

So Mike, being the good friend that he was, asked Nick to quit his job, mortgage the house and buy in. "Cool" said Nick, "I'll be right over" (actual wording and timeframes might have varied slightly). When Nick came over the small spare bedroom suddenly seemed really, really small. Unfortunately, the house Nick had just mortgaged was even smaller, had no spare bedroom and also had 2 kids running around in it. Something had to be done. Mike and Nick had a brain wave... "let's use the spare bedroom of our friend who has no kids". Fortunately their friend with no kids not only had a spare bedroom but also a state of the art production facility (known to some in the business as the spare garage). Things got busier. More happy customers, more orders, more happy customers, more orders. 2 months later baby number 5 arrived (Nick 3, Mike 2). Things got even busier! "This is great" thought Mike and Nick, "too many orders to handle. What a great problem! But what should we do?