Tinyme Kids Allergy Name Label Designs
Tinyme Kids Allergy Name Label Features
Tinyme Kids Allergy Name Label Designs
Tinyme Kids Allergy Name Label Features

Got a special little someone with allergies? Keep them safe with our adorable range of kids allergy labels. With labels to cater for egg, dairy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, nuts, tree nuts, gluten and soy allergies... We've got you covered!

Our allergy labels are made with a super sticky adhesive, which stays stuck. They will adhere to most smooth, hard, clean surfaces. Perfect for plastic containers, stationery, lunch boxes, drink bottles and pretty much anything else you can think of! Our name labels are waterproof, dishwasher resistant and microwave safe.

Allergy Labels (18 per sheet / 1 allergy per pack):

  1. • 52mm x 22mm.
  2. • Pack contains 36 labels (2 sheets).
Sticky Label Features

Smooth, Clean, Flat Surface
Adhere your name labels to smooth surfaces that are clean and dry. The following surfaces may not be compatible: Plastics that contain high silicon (non stick), plastics with a greasy feel and plastics with a highly textured surface.

Rub Label Firmly
The adhesive on our name labels is pressure activated and will only adhere best after sufficient pressure is applied. Once in place, rub firmly, applying pressure over the whole name label, especially the edges.

Cure Time - allow 2-3 days
Please wait 2-3 days for the adhesive to ‘cure’. In dishwashers items should be placed on the top shelf and are not be suitable for “high temperature” settings such as “pots and pans”.

Safety Check
Before giving any name labelled item to small children, check that the name labels are fully and safely adhered.