Photo Product Terms & Conditions

A copyright can exist as an ownership right when an image is created or photograph shot and a copyright gives the owner the exclusive right to make copies, publicly distribute copies, publicly display the work, and prepare other works based on the original. Therefore it may be illegal to copy, print or digitally reproduce photographs or images created by others without their permission. 

By uploading photos and/or images (henceforth all referred to simply as photos) onto the Tinyme website, you are agreeing to these terms of use wholly and in addition to agreeing to the standard website terms of use detailed here.

Uploading photos onto the Tinyme website makes no changes and applies no conditions to the existing copyright of those photos as defined by Australian and international copyright law. By uploading a photo, you assert that:

  • You are the copyright holder of the photo or that you are legally licensed to use the photo for this purpose by the copyright holder.
  • The photo does not infringe any persons or entities rights or contravene any laws or regulations.
  • The photo does not contain any trademarks or images of people used in a way which the trademark owner or person shown would not endorse.
  • The photo does not contain material which is pornographic, obscene, defamatory, indecent, or offensive.
  • The photo does not discriminate against or promote discrimination of any protected attribute, including, but not limited to, religion, gender, race, nationality, and ability.

Tinyme reserves the right to ask for evidence that you have the right to reproduce the photo. 

Tinyme reserves the right to decline to manufacture any photo product which contravenes these terms or which Tinyme believes contravenes the intent of these terms. However, Tinyme does not, and cannot, review every photo which is uploaded and as such also reserves the right to pursue further actions if a manufactured product is found to be in breach of these terms.

Tinyme always respects the intellectual property of copyright owners of photos and we ask our customers to do the same. Tinyme will not be responsible for any copyright infringement by the customer.