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Dress up those bare and boring walls and design a picture wall for any room in your home or office with these wooden Photo Wall Tiles. Your custom wall art masterpiece will be perfectly aligned with the use of our Photo Wall Spacer. Not just limited to photos! Complement your photo memories with artwork from our Art Library. Easily remove and reposition many times over without damaging your walls. Photo Wall Tile — packed with features.

Choose From 3 Shapes & 5 Sizes

Have your pick of Square, Hexagon, and Circle. Select from 5 sizes for each shape ranging from Extra Small (XS) to Extra Large (XL). Click below for more information regarding sizing for each shape.


Sizes shown indicate width & height of each Square Photo Wall Sticker/Tile

XS 71mm  -  S 99mm  -  M 142mm
L 215mm  -  XL 301mm

XS 71mm  -  S 99mm  -  M 142mm  -  L 215mm  -  XL 301mm


Sizes shown indicate width x height of each Hexagon Photo Sticker/Tile

XS 77 x 66mm  -  S 110 x 95mm
M 157 x 135mm
L 242 x 209mm  -  XL 352 x 304mm
XS 77 x 66mm  -  S 110 x 95mm  -  M 157 x 135mm
L 242 x 209mm  -  XL 352 x 304mm


Sizes shown indicate diameter of each Circle Photo Sticker/Tile

XS 71mm  -  S 99mm  -  M 142mm
L 215mm  -  XL 301mm

XS 71mm  -  S 99mm  -  M 142mm  -  L 215mm  -  XL 301mm

No Wall Damage

No nails, no holes in walls, no sticky residue, no stains! Easily and effortlessly move, remove, reposition and swap out your wooden Photo Wall Tiles without worrying about the wooden tiles leaving marks on your wall!

Hassle Free Set Up

No ruler is needed to install your Photo Wall Tile masterpiece! Each Photo Wall Square and Hex comes with a 'Spacer' — making it super easy to get your photo / art tiles up on your wall quickly and spaced perfectly. Our Square Photo Spacer (17mm gap) or Hex Photo Spacer (7mm gap) comes with any Photo Wall Tile Square or Hex purchase.

See how simple it is to setup your Photo Wall Tile display on our instructions page. Note: Photo Wall Circle does not come with a Spacer.

Mix Our Artwork With Your Photos

Mix in artwork, quotes, numbers, letters, patterns and more! Our Art Library has a collection of pre-made designs created to help complement your photos and your overall photo wall gallery.

Get Inspired by Creative Layouts

Your Wall. Your Way. Create a unique photo gallery wall layout that suits your style. Get inspired! Click below to view some photo wall layout suggestions. 

Mix in Larger Sizes

Highlight your most memorable pictures by adding larger tile sizes that perfectly align with your overall layout. 4 x Small (S) Square Tiles align perfectly with 1 x Large (L) Square Tile and 4 x Medium (M) Square Tiles align perfectly with 1 x Extra Large (XL) Square Tile.

Made to Last

Each Photo Wall Tile is printed in super sharp, high definition colour on premium wood. Easily remove and restick many times over without worrying about damaging your wooden Photo Tiles, peeling corners or requiring to replace adhesive. They are made to last!


Choose your Surface: Photo Wall Tiles will stick to most clean flat surfaces and even some textured surfaces. For freshly painted walls allow a 3 week drying period.

Clean Wall:  Before applying your Photo Wall Tiles, you should make sure the surface is clean and dust free.


Plan your Layout: To transform that boring blank wall, start by planning and designing your layout.

Applying the Sticky tabs: Using the provided tape, cut the sticky foam tape to the correct size according to the cut guide markings. Remove one side of the protective film and apply the foam tape to the small squares on the back of the Photo Wall Tile. Press firmly to ensure that the foam tape is stuck to the tile properly.

Stick to your Wall: Carefully peel off the protective film, position Photo Wall Tile on wall and press firmly for a few seconds where the sticky tabs are.

Watch the short video below for Photo Spacer Instructions. Applies to both Photo Wall Stickers & Tiles.


To Take Them Down: If you prepare your wall correctly & remove tiles the right way you won't damage your wall. To correctly remove your Photo Wall Tiles, lift the bottom edge away from the wall SLOWLY. Pulling off quickly may damage your wall.

Warning: Photo Wall Tiles are designed for decoration only and are not to be considered as a toy. Please ensure that they are out of reach of children under 3 years of age, especially children in a cot, crib or bed to avoid a possible choking hazard.

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