Welcome Happy Stamper! Follow the written steps below before you get started on your stamping journey!

Welcome Happy Stamper!

Tinyme Teacher Stamps are lovingly pre-inked in the Tinyme Studio, and are ready to get STAMPING the moment they're out of the box!

Recommended Paper
• Everday Office Paper

• Notebook Paper

Unsuitable Paper
• Coated or Shiny Paper

Before You Apply

1. We recommend test stamping on a spare piece of  paper to perfect your stamping quality (imprint location & pressure). 

Note: Applying greater pressure while stamping will result in more ink being released during the imprint.

How To Apply

1. Lay your paper on a flat, smooth and hard surface. 

2. Locate the desired stamp location and apply moderate pressure to leave an impression.

How to Refill the Stamp

1. Remove the Stamp Pad by pressing on the left and right latches 

2. Flip the Stamp Pad. Place 1 to 2 drops of ink into each hole.

3. Repeat Step 2 until the pad no longer soaks up ink

4. Place the Stamp Pad back into the stamp shell

Note: If the ink pad no longer absorbs ink, it has been overfilled. Simply flip the stamp pad (holes facing down) onto a paper towel until the excess ink has drained.