Essentials Label Pack

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Label it with style. Our Essentials Label Pack gives you 7 different kids label options that are the cutest way to identify your belongings.

Pack includes 192 Name Labels:

• 72 Mini Sticky Name Labels
• 32 Standard Sticky Name Labels
• 28 Round Sticky Name Labels
• 8 Large Sticky Name Labels
• 16 Iron-on Clothing Labels
• 36 Mini Iron-on Clothing Labels


• 10 Round Shoe Overlays

Our sticky name labels will adhere to most smooth, hard, clean surfaces. Perfect for pencils, stationery, lunch boxes, drink bottles and pretty much anything else you can think of! Our sticky name labels are waterproof, dishwasher resistant and microwave safe.

Our iron-on clothing labels are great for labelling your kids clothing and will stay put on school uniforms through the wear and tear of washing machines and tumble dryers.

The quality of the labels is yet again spot on.
This is a timely request as I was getting very frustrated this morning with the quality of the product we have received. I chose to use Tiny Me as I had a positive experience previously. But this batch of stickers are not great. It is extremely hard to peel them away from the backing without ending up with a layer of paper stuck to the sticky bit. My children (who are 10 and 7 - not young) cant manage to do it alone. The labels end up having bent/creased corners as it takes so many attempts to peel it off the backing.
As Above
Everything was as described. Colours & design were exactly as I had chosen online, no variation or poor colour quality. The stickers stick well which, other than looking good, is the most important part. Nice range of sizes in this pack which are versatile for lunch boxes, drink bottles, small containers, books, etc.
Good value for money, great range of sizes and products.
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1. Adhere your name labels to smooth surfaces that are clean and dry. The following surfaces may not be compatible: Plastics that contain high silicone (non stick), plastics with a greasy feel and plastics with a highly textured surface.

2. The adhesive on our name labels is pressure activated and will only adhere best after sufficient pressure is applied. Once in place, rub firmly, applying pressure over the whole name label, especially the edges.

3. Please wait 2–3 days for the adhesive to ‘cure’. In dishwashers, items should be placed on the top shelf and are not suitable for 'high temperature' settings such as 'pots and pans'.

4. Before giving any name labelled item to small children, check that the name labels are fully and safely adhered.

Good To Know: Our paper labels including our Paper Name Labels, Address Labels, Book and Gift Labels are not waterproof and thus not suited for uses such as dishwasher, microwave, freezer etc.


1. Preheat DRY iron to medium heat.

2. Peel off the label & place onto fully dry garment, text side up. Please note: Labels applied to damp garments will not adhere properly.

3. Cover label with supplied parchment paper & press firmly with iron for 10-20 seconds. DO NOT move iron around.

4. If edges are not fully stuck (try peeling label off with fingernail), you may need to increase temperature, pressure or time & repeat above steps.

5. Safety Check: Before giving any name labelled item to small children, check that the name labels are fully and safely adhered.

WARNING: Labels can be a choking hazard.

Please note: If garment is not suitable for hot iron please be careful and iron at own risk. Never iron directly onto the label.